‘Rescuing’ Janice Smith’s Shelter

After Indian independence most British left India, however Mary Smith did not, because she was caring for poor animals in Panchgani (Satara District) in her home. After her death her daughter Janice Smith continued to care for the animals. When she died several people tried to take forceful possession of the shelter and some claimed to be her legal heirs. Manoj, Roxanne Davur (founder of Probably Paradise, Karjat) and other volunteers had to physically remove the anti-social elements who had taken forceful possession of the shelter. Volunteers initiated a legal battle to p


“Rescuing” Poona SPCA

In 1999-2000, the Poona SPCA, a 2 acre shelter located in heart of Pune City was being tried to be grabbed for ‘redevelopment’. We approached the then GOC of Southern Command and explained him that certain Army Officers, District Collector and the CEO of Board are ex-officio trustees of the SPCA who could thwart such a move. The animal shelter was thus saved and continues to serve thousands of animals each year.


Closure of Solapur Slaughterhouse

A Slaughterhouse in Solapur, which slaughters 500-700 large animals each day, has been consistently polluting the environment and had lead to sharp increase in number of people being admitted in local government hospital and number of deaths. We joined the legal battle to bring justice to the animals being slaughtered and people losing life to diseases caused by the slaughterhouse. In 2016 he managed to shut down the slaughterhouse for quite some time. This closure was lifted arbitrarily which has been challenged before the High Court and his petitions are pending before t


Closure of Suraj Fireworks

This illegal factory was located near the village and 791 meters away from the reserve forest area of 100 acres. When the firecrackers were tested, wild animals like deer, black bucks, monkey, wolf, peacock etc. would run helter-skelter and many died in the process of either shock or road accidents. Despite 8 FIRs against the factory, it kept running. We obtained detailed GIS reports and found that several acres of forests have disappeared from the map. The Hon’ble NGT directed that the factory should immediately cease production and make applications for permissions under

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