Circus Rescues

Manoj was a member of the committee for circus rescue formed by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO). He lead several rescues of animals from circuses which incudes Moonlight Circus, Rambo Circus, Amar Circus among the leading ones. Animals involved include Elephants, Hippopotamus, Cockatoos, Macaws, Dogs, Horses, Camels and Chimpanzees.


End of open wildlife trade in Pune

We discovered that the Wildlife Protection Act remained only on paper and right in the middle of the city, there was open sale of parrots, turtles, tortoises as pets in shops in Pune. We undertook several raids in Pune and affected several arrests and rescued around 300 birds and animals. When the police and forest department cited inability to take care of the rescued birds, we personally took charge of several rescued baby birds and tended to them at our office till they could be released back. We released all the birds and animals after seeking appropriate orders from t


Supreme Court judgment in AWBI vs A Nagaraja

Jallikattu remains a passion for people in certain regions of India and anyone opposing the same is considered against the region or state. When the Hon’ble Supreme Court passed order directing inspection of the Jallikattu, the AWBI was unable to get a realistic report on the happenings, apparently the local HAWOs were under pressure to not to give a true picture of cruelty involved in Jallikattu. Manoj visited the places including Alanganallur Avaniapuram, Ponnamaravathy,  Venthanpatti, Sravayal, Palemedu where there was considerable opposition to his visit and he was ope

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