work for wild ANIMALS

We support several several small rescue groups who rescue snakes and other ‘urban’ wildlife. We help them financially for their rescues and also transfer of critically sick/injured animals to rescue centers.
As PFA Pune, we were instrumental in bringing to a complete halt, the open sale of wild animals as pets. Till 2006, there were dozens of pet shops who openly sold parrots, turtles, myna and other animals as pets despite the provisions of Wildlife Protection Act. We raided several pet shops and rescued over 500 birds and turtles in various raids. Our actions lead to complete halt of open sale and considerable reduction in underground business as he also raided individual homes with such animals. The petitioner has developed a good informer network in the districts of Amravati, Vardha, Akola, Yevatmal and Nagpur which are home to dense forests in Maharashtra and also a Tiger Reserve. We have conducted several raids in the region and affected many arrests of people dealing with wild animals and their parts. This did bring some fear among the sellers and buyers of wildlife.