After Indian independence most British left India, however Mary Smith did not, because she was caring for poor animals in Panchgani (Satara District) in her home. After her death her daughter Janice Smith continued to care for the animals. When she died several people tried to take forceful possession of the shelter and some claimed to be her legal heirs. Manoj, Roxanne Davur (founder of Probably Paradise, Karjat) and other volunteers had to physically remove the anti-social elements who had taken forceful possession of the shelter. Volunteers initiated a legal battle to protect her shelter and formed a trust on her name “Janice Smith Animal Welfare Trust”. This trust continues to rescue several animals in the district and also helps in controlling street dog population through Animal Birth Control and Rabies Vaccination Camps. The land of more than an acre continues to be an animal shelter a decade after death of Ms Janice Smith. The entire expenses of running the shelter are born by the trustees of the trust with external donations being a negligible portion of its income.

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