The second largest purpose for killing animals is religious sacrifices and rituals. We have been working against various such practices through courts and implementation through law enforcement agencies. We have rescued several snakes each year by patrolling and seizure operations during the ‘nag panchami’ rituals in Mah. We also have been instrumental in several petitions in the Bombay High Court against slaughter of goats outside slaughterhouse during religious festivals like bakri-id and Dussehra. Manoj represented the Animal Welfare Board of India in a matter in against Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation at the National Green Tribunal and passionately argued for strict enforcement of laws on animal slaughter in 2014. Since then permissions for temporary slaughterhouses have been stopped. We regularly aids and funds rescue of hundreds of cows and bulls smuggled for slaughter despite a legal ban on the same. We have been supporting small groups working in rural areas to prevent weekly animal sacrifices at temples and shrines.